work in progress
tueday, 15/july/2008
things are rather chaotic at the gallery. i had to move the time of the performance and recording to 7-11 pm so i could have the space, quiet and concentration to work in. i'm finding the process of erasing a lot more satisfying than the process of writing. and i think the re-writing is not as i had previously imagined. i made very little alterations in the texts today but found that my selective gaze and the erasing together are the re-writing. that's where the departure most shows itself.

i painted over a previously-written section of the wall. i was unhappy with the work that was done on the first day and think i need to revisit that work. the exerpts are particularly important and i'd like to delve deeper into them now that i work the night shift and can do so without the pressure of people who want to get back into the space to do their work.

images from the wall as it progresses:

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