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sunday, 13/july/2008
i arrived in san francisco yesterday. there were piles of books, well, mounds of boxes, at the gallery. we went to berkeley and brought a few more in. i've been going through some of the books since last night. so far only one person has responded to my invitation to other iranians to participate in the project. below is the list she sent me, of people she knew directly, they are from her hometown or her cell-mates.

Azizeh Shahmoradi:
"i was in a cell in the section called 'Asayeshgah' in Evin Prison when massacre happened, and also i myself faced "death commission" in section 209 in Evin as an 'atheist.' i would like to know you are going to have a special part for that event in 1988. i was arrested in 1984, and got a 2-years sentence, but they didn't release me because i didn't accept the release conditions. then in 1988 i was taken to the "death commission" as an apostate and came out in 1989. i don't have contact with a lot of my friends who were survived the prison, so i will not send their names because i think i have to have their permission to do so. but i have no problem giving the names of those who were executed ... the attached document has the names of those who were executed, as i remember. they were from my hometown or were my cell-mates, or my comrades. there were of course thousands executed whose names i don't know."

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