work in progress
friday, 18/july/2008
i was up most of last night trying to burn a dvd. failed twice. it takes over 4 hours to burn one. i had to back-up my harddrive on taraneh's external and empty it to have more space for the work. the first full version finally popped out at 3:15 pm. then i realized i had turned the sound off. they were coming for final walk-through at 5 and we had to leave. i left my laptop at eleina's office while it burned another copy with sound. then helped taraneh a little with her installation and cleaned up the gallery floor. the crew worked madly to finish everything for the preview opening at 7. staging a show always feels like a miracle.

the lighting was done in the morning. it's a bit too dim in my view. not enough contrast. but dim is the order of the day. my dear friend haleh niazmand visited us at the gallery today. she put up the chalk trays and wrote the names of 2 people in her extended family who were executed. i finished writing all the names on the wall. then i broke into sobs when i allowed in the realization that there were many sets of sibelings among them, all executed. taraneh joined in the brief but needed catharsis. then we went back to work to put the finishing touches before leaving the gallery.

we finished the gallery work by 5, packed up and left. when we came back around 8, the perview opening was in full swing. my dvd was ready too. the rest of the night i was at the gallery talking to people, mostly translating some of the titles and contextualizing the show.

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