work in progress
wednesday, 16/july/2008
the wall is almost finished. i have the dedications to add today when i see it again with fresh eyes and in proper lighting. to my initial disappointment, i found out yesterday after importing the first video tape, that the camera's viewfinder was off. what got captured is several inches larger on all sides than what shows in the viewfinder. first time i've ever encountered this. anyway, the framing of the footage from tuesday is off. so is the exposure which means the exposure meter is off too. i corrected these for the wednesday shoot. lesson learned: if you're using a borrowed camera, test, test, test. that said, the accidental errors are beginning to grow on me however. the footage takes on a guerilla quality. rather fitting.

the monitor will be installed on thursday, assuming. the crew are behind and we're all running late with installation. and to think that they're opening the show for previews on friday! more long days and late nights coming up. okay with me. i still have to edit the footage and prepare the dvd.

new images of the work (in no particular order, due to lack of time), including a few of the books i've been quoting:

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