work in progress
thursday, 17/july/2008
i started adding the dedications on the wall today, but i only got through one-third of the names. it's very emotional and overpowering. i am aware that being so deeply engaged in the performance and the production, i have not yet allowed myself to process the feelings that have emerged through this piece. i must correct that, i think the processing has taken place in the work itself, in the meditative ritual of writing and erasing. but i haven't been able to verbalize the feelings. that's something to be done later.

the monitor was installed today. i started editing the footage, but didn't get far with it. leila was ill, so i went to a clinic with her. that took a good part of the afternoon. welcome to the american health system. we went to a public clinic near the gallery in downtown; a small, run-down, crowded place that could have been in any 'third world' country. all the staff and patients were people of colour too. in about 3 hours of waiting, we could not see a doctor, so we left. by the time i got to the gallery, i was feeling run-down myself. seemed like a head-cold. this city has the coldest summers i've experienced.

i made a short dvd to test the system. much of the editing is done. mostly cleaning up. i decided i didn't want to edit beyond that. i want to keep the sense of time and the progression. i haven't added the footage from the first day yet because of its stylistic difference. i have to think about how to use that. what's included are 2nd and 3rd days. about 90 minutes.

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